Free School Parking Sign Up Information

Not many of you have signed up to this yet, but the impending expansion works and the Essex School Streets traffic interventions will make driving near and parking around the school even more of a problem.

The council are offering free parking for 45 minutes at the start and end of the school day only a short walk from the school.

Joining this programme will help create less congestion at school gates, making it a safer and healthier environment for the children and members of staff.

Here is the information from the council:
As part of our School Streets project, we aim to get as many pupils travelling actively to school for all or part of their journey. Greener modes
of travel should be part of our daily travel routines, so in order to enable this, we are offering a free barrier pass from Meadows Retail
carpark for you to park the car and walk the remaining 10 minutes with your child(ren).

If you are interested in getting a free parking barrier pass, please contact the school office with your name, post code and licence plate number. Barrier passes will be available for collection at the school reception in the new school year and will last for 1 school year, so please reapply each year.

To note, please access Meadows retail car park from Wharf Road as this is the Council carpark (the other side is Euro carpark and we don’t have a partnership with them). The Council-owned Meadows car park is to be accessed from levels 1 and up. There are lifts available. The carpark is still open to the public at this time.

Studies show that walking aids creativity, reduces stress and boosts the immune system. By changing our behaviour we set a great example for younger generations improving individual and environmental health.