Greater diversity in school’s new books

Miss Clare and Miss Ball are introducing greater diversity into the new books the school is buying following our successful Book Fair in November.

One of our school’s Equalities Objectives is about ensuring that our resources, books, curriculum, and images around school represent diversity in our school, local and national communities.

The school writes and publishes objectives for the whole school community to work towards, to ensure there is equality for all. These are some of the ways the school aims to reach these goals this year:

  • Ensure staff leading subjects have this as a subject objective when they are writing schemes of work, medium-term-planning and purchase resources.
  • Challenge overused stereotypes and provide signposting to resources and compared ‘go to’ images. This includes stopping using some well known resource providers who do not represent our community.
  • Ensure all pupils feel like they belong in our school community through surveys and pupils voice,
  • Gather and disseminate pupil views with roles and responsibilities like school council and champions of change.
  • Ensure the curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to learn about, ask questions and visit places and meet people that broaden their knowledge about the world and their community.

Ms Clare shared her update on Reading plans and activities in support of Essex Year of Reading earlier this term.