Wonderful Word Wednesday

On the 11th January, we will be celebrating vocabulary, with lots of fun activities about words.
Children are invited to dress up as a word they enjoy using or have recently discovered.

Easy costume ideas include:

  • Camouflage – dressing in green/camo print
  • Festive – wearing their Christmas jumper and some tinsel
  • Puzzled – wear an old t-shirt covered with old puzzle pieces or question marks
  • Fragile – wrap key parts of clothing in bubble wrap
  • Bibliophile – print and pin pictures of your favourite book covers to wear
  • Colourful/flamboyant/vibrant – dress in your favourite rainbow colours
  • Athletic/energetic – sports clothes
  • Fatigued – dress in PJs or a onesie
  • Sophisticated – wear a party dress or suit
  • Royalty – dress as a King or Queen for the day!

It would be fabulous if children could create a definition card of their word to wear as part of their costume. There are lots more ideas on Pinterest if you are a bit stuck or befuddled!

Bibliophile (noun) – a person who collects or has a great love of books.

Flamboyant (adjective) – bright, colourful and very noticeable.

There is no cost for this event, it is to highlight and promote vocabulary development – part of our Year Of Reading, and linking the journey from Reading into writing.
On Thursday 5th January, the whole staff team took part in training in reading and vocabulary, led by Miss Ball and Miss Clare!