NEU Strike Action Dates

The NEU have issued two new strike action dates to take place throughout April and May. The dates that affect our region include:

  • Thursday 27th April
  • Tuesday 2nd May

All classes will be open and staffed.

The headteacher shared in the school newsletter: “I continue to work with the staff to try to take all reasonable and appropriate steps to keep the school open, for the above dates, for our most vulnerable children, SEND, disadvantaged, key worker children and children sitting upcoming external examinations, while also respecting the right of staff to strike.”

Ms Outhwaite added: “We were one of the only settings that remained open throughout all the previous strike dates, but there is no definite
guarantee that we will not have to close. I will keep you updated as far in advance as I can work, to enable you to make appropriate plans. Staff
are under no obligation to inform me if they intend to strike and we may only be aware of staff striking if they do not arrive for work on the strike days.”

There may be new dates added and other unions may also be seeking to strike, therefore we should be aware there may be additional dates in the future.