Peak inside the Canopy

‘The Canopy’ was chosen as the name of the new building because a canopy is a layer of protection that provides shelter and safety to a unique
and diverse ecosystem to enable it to thrive. The Headteaher said: “I believe the meaning behind the name embodies what we do here at our school for our children.”
The buildingworks are progressing well. Now the floors are down, the windows are in and you’ll see the exterior brickwork will rise quickly around the exterior.

Internally, all the rooms are divided where the internal walls will be. The ceilings and walls are due to be boxed in following all the insulation and heating. Currently the team are installing all the electrical and data cables.

The Head Learners will be invited inside the building for a meeting with the Site Manager and they will have their own tour of the site to see how it’s changed since they laid the time capsule.

This is the Dining Hall
This is one of the new classrooms
The view through the serving hatch into the kitchen and stores.