School Information

We are situated very close to the heart of Chelmsford within walking distance of the town centre, library, theatre, swimming pool and many other facilities.

Trinity Road Primary dates back to Edwardian times. There is no mistaking the purpose of our building as you head towards us; it has a very time-honoured school feel. We are fortunate to be able to mix traditional school spaces with more modern approaches. Most of our classes are twinned and have a shared area, this enables us to engage in small group activities and also have Key Stage libraries.

We are privileged to have an additional lunch bar, meaning that hall space is always available, and a community room, which enables us to provide before and after school care through the YMCA and links to our community through outside agencies, such as Messy Play.

We offer a range of extra-curricular activities including netball, cooking, ball skills, boys’ and girls’ football, Karate, art club and many more.