School times- Be on time!

Gates open at 8.35am and the blue doors open at 8.45am.
The school bell will sound at 8.50am to let everyone know the gates will be closing in 5 minutes.
At 8.55am the gates will close and all children need to be in by this time.

Healthy Snacks at Breaktime

If you are choosing to to send your child in with a snack for breaktime please do make sure it is a healthy one (e.g. fruit, vegetable, cereal bar – no nuts please).
Early Years and Key Stage One classes all do have access to fruit/vegetable snack everyday through the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme.

Scooters and Bikes

If you are coming to school on a bike or a scooter, please dismount when you arrive at the school gates and walk with them to the top of the playground. We ask you not to ride bikes or scooters on school premises please.

We have covered bicycle shelters and mushroom scooter storage at the top of the playground.

Colder Weather – Clothing

Please remember to label your child’s fleece, jumpers and coats! As the colder weather approaches, many children will be bringing more items of clothing and some of these items may be misplaced across the school.
Ensure your child recognises their items and knows where to look for their name. When it is named, it is much easier to get this back to you. Alternatively, please check lost property in the school office.

Parking Permits

Please ensure you have read the information sent out from Mrs Burrells, which has been attached with this Newsletter. She has information for you all about how to apply for parking permits to the Meadows Retail Park, to enable you to park there for free during the busy
drop off and pick up times. Information about how to apply for one is in her letter.

Toys and items from home

Please ensure your child is not bringing in toys and items from home, such as Pokemon cards. These are not allowed in school as they cause distraction and when they get lost or taken children, are often very sad.