Diamond – Year 2

Sept 2021

Hello we are Diamond class,

Mrs D’Arcy is our class teacher and Mrs Russell works with us to teach, help and support us in Year 2.

We are all happy and hardworking. Diamond class look after each other and strive to excel in our three school values on a daily basis.


Our topic this term is ME and the world I live in.  Geography and Science lessons specifically help us to cover this. Take a look at our knowledge organiser to read all about how we will be investigating, comparing and exploring our world. We love to share any of our artifacts, evidence or experiences from outside the classroom too.

We encourage each other to talk about the school day when we go home to enable us to reflect on our learning. By taking home our class spellings and a current maths exercise every Wednesday we hope that the adults around us will feel included in our journey. Finding fun ways to share the home learning has a great impact on our understanding and makes concepts easier to remember.

Diamond class are keen readers and love books. Sharing books at home and having opportunities to read with someone, accelerates our word knowledge dramatically. Sharing these new words in class gives us confidence and ownership of our learning.

Diamond class participate in gymnastics on a Monday and Football on a Thursday and we are really good at moving and controlling our bodies.

Luckily, we have a spacious outside classroom where we can explore lessons like drama, design & technology, art and nature. We appreciate the privilege of having this space and look after it with pride. We wish you happiness, friendship and good health!