Jade – Year 4

Sept 2021

Jade class is a team of children and adults who always try their best. Our teacher is Miss Brewster and our teaching assisstant is Mrs Lawrence. 

We have PE on a Monday and go swimming on a Friday. 

This half term, we will be learning about counties and will be investigating rocks. After a break, we will be come back to school and go back in time to the Stone Age! We will also learn more about our bodies and discover what happens to the food we eat. 

We are a very inclusive classroom as we try to understand everyone’s differences and accommodate all learning styles. We are mindful that everyone is unique and show each other compassion, empathy and respect at all times.

Joyful and kind to others 

Always trying our best  

Determined to meet our goals   Excited for new learning opportunities

Excited for new learning opportunities