Language Hub

Trinity Road Primary School offers enhanced provision for speech, language and communication needs, called the Language Hub. We welcome visits from parents and carers; call 01245 354517 or email to book.

Can my child attend the Language Hub?

We have 20 places and children can join us through two different routes:

  1. Children with an existing Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) can request the Language Hub as their named school.
  2. Parents can request an Early Intervention place, as well as retianing a place in their local mainstream school. Staff from the Language Hub will work with parents/carers and the allocated mainstream school in order to plan the best way to meet your child’s needs. An Early Intervention place will usually last for at least one school year, and could be up to four terms. When your child’s needs have been addressed, they will return to tehir local mainstream school, with some outreach support.

How will my child get to school?

Children who are offered a place and who live more than two miles away from Trinity Road Primary school will be eligible for free school transport, arranged through Essex County Council.

What does the Language Hub offer my child?

Children develop their speech, language and communication skills with individual and small group therapy from our two Speech and Language Therapists. Pupils take part in all aspects of everyday school with their classmates.

Pupils with specific speech and language needs are well supported by specialist staff from the school’s Language Hub. These pupils also benefit from good-quality teaching in their classes, where they are often fully integrated and supported by highly competent teaching assistants.

Ofsted 2016

Our therapists aim to support children until they are ready to return to their mainstream school. Full information about our School Offer Special Educational Needs is outlined in this document.

How will I know how my child is getting on?

You will be invited to One-Plan meetings each term. This is an opportunity for child, parents and professionals to share information, celebrate success, discuss progress ans set new targets and outcomes. Parents are invited to regularly attend therapy sessions.

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