Enhanced Provision

Trinity Road Primary School offers an enhanced provision for children with speech sound and language difficulties or delays, such as Developmental Language Delay and Verbal Dyspraxia as their primary area of need. Our provision would not suit children with wide-ranging/complex needs that compete or coexist alongside speech or language needs. This is because our funding is used to source and develop expertise around speech and language only. Our enhanced provision is not suitable for children with moderate or significant social communication difficulties or Autistic Spectrum Condition.

We welcome visits from parents and carers of children we can support; call 01245 354517 or email inclusion@trinityroad.essex.sch.uk to book.

Can my child attend the enhanced provision?

There are two strands to our enhanced provision; The Early Intervention Scheme (EIS) and the Language Hub. We have 20 places and children can join us through two different routes:

  1. Children with persistent speech and language difficulties that have a diagnosis of Developmental Language Delay, Verbal Dyspraxia or similar can request the Language Hub as their named school. These children are likely to have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) already or have one being assessed. The speech and/or language difficulties experienced by these children will have already had an evident impact on their ability to maintain age-related expectations to a level of significant need. Children who benefit from our offer do not have social communication or Autistic Spectrum Condition as a primary area of need. Children in the Language Hub will receive all their lessons within the mainstream classroom.
  2. Parents of children with a speech sound delay or difficulty, or mild language delay or difficulty can request an Early Intervention Scheme (EIS) place, as well as retain a place in their allocated local mainstream school. Staff from the enhanced provision will work with parents/carers and the allocated mainstream school in order to plan the best way to meet your child’s needs. An Early Intervention place will usually last for approximately one school year, during which time pupils will receive a high level of intensive therapy. When your child’s needs have been addressed, they will return to their local mainstream school, with some outreach support. Children in the EIS will receive all the lessons in the mainstream classroom.

Children in both the Language Hub and the Early Intervention Scheme will need to be able to access the mainstream classroom largely independently for our offer to be effective. We are unable to offer 1:1 or significant support for class-based lessons.

How will my child get to school?

Children who are offered a place and who live more than two miles away from Trinity Road Primary School will be eligible for free school transport, arranged through Essex County Council.

What does the enhanced provision offer my child?

Children develop their speech sound and/or language skills with individual and small group therapy from our Speech and Language Therapists. Children in the Language Hub receive this therapy in line with that recommended by their NHS therapist and stretched across the academic year, while children on our Early Intervention Scheme receive intensive therapy, with an aim for them to be clinically resolved by the end of their time with us, or shortly after. All pupils in the enhanced provision take part in all aspects of everyday school with their classmates in the mainstream class.

Parents are supported with practice materials and demonstrations on how to embed, generalise and practice the skills their children are developing at home. This is an integral part of the offer, as children spend the majority of their time outside of the school setting.

Pupils with specific speech and language needs are well supported by specialist staff from the school’s Language Hub. These pupils also benefit from good-quality teaching in their classes, where they are often fully integrated and supported by highly competent teaching assistants.

Ofsted 2016

The Early Intervention Scheme and Language Hub are unable to offer high levels of support or 1:1 as part of our classroom provision. Therefore, our provision is suited to children who are able to access the classroom largely independently.

How will I know how my child is getting on?

You will be invited to One-Plan meetings each term. This is an opportunity for children, parents and professionals to share information, celebrate success, discuss progress ans set new targets and outcomes. Parents are invited to regularly attend therapy sessions.

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