Head Girls and Boys

  • Head Girl-  Rose Marley – Hi, my name is Rose and I have the privilege of becoming Head Girl.  I think that it’s such an amazing opportunity and anyone is capable of it.  I thank anyone who voted for me and I want to make the school the best place ever!!
  • Head Boy-  Oliver Robinson – I am really happy with my job because we are starting to clean up the school and outside the gates.  We also are starting to write about the amazon wish list.  I also wanted this job because I want to make this school number one in Chelmsford.
  • Deputy Head Girl – Marley Morgan – Hello my name is Marley.  I am the deputy head girl here at Trinity Road.  Being deputy has opened up exciting opportunities for me to help make Trinity even better than it is already.  It allows me to put forward ideas from students in council meetings, represent the school and push forward our aim to make Trinity a litter free, greener school.
  • Deputy Head Boy – Eidai Yare – When I joined the school I saw the pictures of the representatives and I wanted to follow their foot steps and here I am now.  I wanted to be Head or Deputy Head so I could represent the school happily and make the environment better and making the school a better place to be.