Physical Education


At Trinity Road we aim to provide children with an inspiring PE curriculum that offers them opportunities to learn the skills of a range of sports and the chances to use these skills in competitive situations.


PE lessons happen twice each week, with the skills for two different sports being taught; these sports are changed each half term; teachers team teach with external Sports Coaches throughout the year to develop their own skills in a particular sport. During PE lessons, children not only learn the skills for that sport but also the importance of working together as a team and the need to respect each other in order to achieve.

During the course of the year and across the school, children are taught the skills needed for dance, a variety of ball games such as rugby, football, basketball and tennis, gymnastics, cricket, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities. Children also have swimming lessons during Year 4.

PE lesson are planned using the progression of skills document to ensure that each year group is building on and developing the skills that have been taught in the previous year.

Throughout PE learning, children and adults offer feedback on the skills being developed to support improve individual skill, performance and impact as individuals and in teams. Children get to take part in competitions and sport related activities across the year, such as Teddy-Lympics and Sports Day.

As well as learning the skills needed for each sport the children also develop their understanding of the importance of exercise in order to keep fit and healthy and therefore are encouraged to lead active lives.