Our School Day

This is a typical school day schedule:

8:30School gates open and children line up in their classes.
8:40Doors open and children are led into class and begin their learning. 
8:45 Children must be in class. Gates and doors close. 
9:05  Assembly
9:20Morning lessons (could include English and Maths)
10:15Morning break 
10:30Morning lessons (could include Science and Art)
11:45 – 12:45 Reception lunch 
12:00 -12:55KS1 and KS2 lunch 
12:55Afternoon lessons (could include Physical Education and Music)
3:05Gates open
3:15 School day finishes 
3:20Doors close. Children who haven’t yet been collected will be taken to the school office.
3:25Gates Close. Children collected after 3.25pm will now incur a late fee of £25.00 each 30 minutes you collect your child late.
4:15 After school clubs finish 

Breakfast club and after school childcare provisions are provided by the YMCA.