Prospective Parents

To all prospective parents,

I would like to welcome you to our school and inform you of our procedures for parents who are considering naming the school on application for Sept 2022.

Our school is fantastic and you feel that as you come through the doors.  Unfortunately, we are unable to have visitors in school at the moment so we will try to recreate the experience as much as possible with these resources on our website.

The head boys and girls have made some videos of key aspects of school life in order to give you a virtual experience.  They have interviewed key members of staff and shown you some of the highlights! 

You will also find below a PowerPoint presentation explaining how reception works and what happens when a child starts school.

In other areas of the website you will find policies to explain behaviour, attendance and curriculum.

You will see how well our children learn together and how we take pride in the inclusive nature of our school.

We are hopeful that visits may resume at some point later in the year but until then, if you have any questions once you have viewed this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For a mid-year admission place or if your child is not joining reception class please refer to our admissions procedure under the ‘About Us’ tab or click on the link below: