We are preparing for statutory PSHE and RSE in September 2020 by introducing a new curriculum which responds to the need of our children. Our PSHE curriculum is based on our core values: Respect, Achieve, Belong. Each term, the school focuses on one of the following learning questions:

  • How do I build respectful relationships?
  • How can I achieve good health and wellbeing?
  • Where do I belong in the wider world?

Each year group or phase then addresses further questions that are appropriate to their age group through a range of different activities. Our curriculum equips children with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices about their lifestyle, morals and community. Our curriculum also gives children the tools to stay safe on and offline.

The fundamental British Values (democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs) are taught throughout PSHE, assemblies and are embedded in our teaching and learning.

We have daily PSHE sessions where we discuss topical events in the wider world and use this time to discuss how different people react to the same question, respecting the opinion of others. This is also time in order for us to help to address any issues that we may be facing and remind ourselves of strategies we have learned to help us.

In addition to this, mindfulness sessions take place in every classroom straight after lunch. This time is a calm and reflective time, committed to giving the children space in order to prepare them for afternoon learning.

World Mental Health Day 2019

Across the school, we celebrated World Mental Health Day on Thursday 10th October. The school was filled with great discussions as we learned we all have mental health which needs to be cared for; just like our physical health. As part of the day, we looked at the book ‘The Bad Mood and the Stick’ by Lemony Snicket. This informed our understanding of our emotions and helped us to discuss times when we have been in a bad mood and the strategies we can use to help. We also focused on vocabulary thought the day so that we are equipped with the words to express and recognise our feelings.

In the afternoon, KS1 completed mindfulness activities including cloud watching, mindfulness colouring and making worry dolls. In KS2, children were given the opportunity to sign up for a range of mindfulness activities including platies, comic making, reading, creative writing and team sports.