Governor News

Autumn 2022-2023

The school expansion is due to commence this term; governors have observed that the school team and contractors have been very thorough in their preparations to minimise the impact of the construction work on the school day.

Governors will again be speaking with parents, pupils and staff during their monitoring visits this year; governors wear their ID from a yellow lanyard so you can spot us easily in the playground during our monitoring visits. This is one of the ways the governors collect feedback from the school community to support us in making useful contributions that improve outcomes for pupils.

This year, our link governor roles are for Safeguarding, SEND, Pupil Premium, Finance, Parent Engagement, Attendance, Curriculum, H&S and governor training.  Each link governor holds the responsibility for ensuring the focus remains strong on these areas of school development throughout the year. 

The governing body provides the clarity of vision and strategic direction that shaped this year’s school development plan, to enable all pupils reach or exceed their full potential. 

Autumn 2021 – 2022

We are delighted to welcome our new headteacher and the wealth of experience that she brings. Our priority this term is to ensure our new Headteacher Ms Outhwaite feel trusted, inspired and empowered in her new role.  

We are looking forward to a promising year for staff and pupils after all the particular challenges we have all faced over the past 18 months. To help us do this, we are improving the way we look at school data, adjusting our strategic priorities to reflect the current challenges and opportunities, and reviewing the budget principles in preparation for setting the budget next term.  

We have welcomed several new Governors this year and voted in a new Chair in September. We have a tailored induction and training package, informed by a recent skills audit and questionnaire, to support us in making useful contributions that improve outcomes for pupils. We are also attending outside training, monitoring in groups, observing other governing boards and applying a buddy system; so even our newest governors feel supported outside their areas of expertise.  

Every year, we consider which areas require a particular focus for monitoring and give a governor responsibility for ensuring that focus remains strong throughout the year. This year, our link governor roles are for Safeguarding, Wellbeing, Finance, Sports Premium, SEND, H&S, Data Protection, and governor training.  

End of year 2020 -2021

Against a backdrop of a global pandemic, the governing body made sure pupils and staff were safe and could continue teaching and learning, and that the school’s finances were distributed to maximise the effectiveness of those activities.  

We secured and much appreciated temporary leadership in Mrs Marrion, while we recruited our new headteacher Ms Outhwaite.  

We commenced discussions with the county education authorities, who selected our school for expansion with funding secured from local residential developments, to provide 100 more school places for our community.  

We thanked Christine, James, Mark, Nicola and Kate as their terms of office as governors ended, and welcomed in new governors Sharon, Julia, Tessa and Louise, whose skills and experience are a real asset to our board. As a group, we now have experts in Finance, HR, secondary school transition, Community Engagement, Leadership, Estate management, city governance, school data and school catering.  

Each term, we met virtually to review progress against the school’s objectives. The governing body carried out individual training to support their understanding of the school information, and grow their network of fellow governors in Essex. All governors have received training in safeguarding and have undertaken a DBS check for the work that we do in school. 

Governors are very appreciative of how bravely all staff embraced the new ways of working forced upon them by the pandemic. It’s a testament to the altruistic nature of their vocation that they continued to support pupils even through the most challenging times. For this we will always be grateful.  

Autumn 2019

Hello from the School Governing Body

In September we began the school year by holding our Business Meeting. This meeting involves much of the organisational processes for the school academic year.

We elected the following:

Chair ~ Christine Smith

Vice Chair ~ Kate Buttimer

We have all signed the Declaration of Pecuniary Interest forms, Code of Conduct and Data Protection Forms. We have reviewed and accepted the Standing orders and the Termly Planner which ensures we cover everything at meetings. We have also reviewed the first draft of the School Development Plan. Governor training will be held on 7th November and will address Ofsted Inspections.

Governors agreed to be assigned to monitoring phases for the academic year. Early Years Clare R/James H, Yr 1 and 2 Lisa H/Nicola P, Yr 3 and 4 Kate B/ Keith R, Yr 5 and 6 Mark A/Claire S.

We also ask Governors to take responsibility for certain areas in school. These were allocated as follows:

Safeguarding – Lisa Hibbert

Health & Safety- Christine Smith

Sports Premium – James Hooper

Training Link – Claire Styles

Pupil Premium – Christine Smith

SEND – Kate Buttimer

Attendance, Well-being – Nicola Park

Pay Committee – Keith Roddy, James Hooper, Christine Smith

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome a new governor, Mrs Clare Reynolds, as a Parent Governor. I hope she will enjoy her time on the Governing Body. A little about Clare:

‘I have a daughter in Yr 2. As a Parent Governor I will be committed, passionate and motivated to challenge the school to continuously improve so our children have the best possible education and opportunities to succeed in life.

Below is our review of governor activity over the previous academic year at Trinity Road. Please contact our Chair of Governors, Christine Smith, if you have any questions.

Governing Body Annual Report 2018-19

Spring 2018

Governing Body Annual Review

School Year September 2016 – July 2017

Below is our review of governor activity over the previous academic year at Trinity Road. Please contact our Chair of Governors, Christine Smith, if you have any questions.

Governing Body Annual Report 2016-2017