History is taught and studied across the school through our half termly topics. The second half of Autumn term and the Summer term are our History topic times across the school. Below are details of the History learning that will take place over the course of this academic year.

EYFSDuring the second half of Autumn term Crystal and Sapphire class will be looking at the past within their living memory. In Summer term the children will be looking back at their school year through their super hero topic. Through discussions, visits, drawings and looking at images children will explore their past through reviewing their favourite things, places and events. Children will also use their family members to explore their living memory.
Year 1During the second half of Autumn term Year 1 will be studying the history of toys. In Summer term the children will be looking at a significant person from history. They will be putting events from the past in order whilst comparing similarities and differences from the past and now. Using historical vocabulary, children will be encouraged to ask questions and use sources of information to answer them. Through engaging lessons children will explore the impact of historical events on their current life and become historians.
Year 2During the second half of Autumn term Year 2 will be studying a significant event in history. In Summer term the children will be learning about a significant person in history and their achievements. During history lessons children will be exploring the past be sequencing artefacts, photos and events. Through the use of drama and other engaging activities children will develop their range and depth of historical knowledge about people and significant events. By making comparisons and discussing differences Year 2 children will become able to identify different ways to represent the past. Using sources, children will discuss their effectiveness and develop their historical enquiry.
Years 3 and 4During the second half of Autumn term Year 3 and 4 will be exploring the Stone Age. During Summer term the children will be studying the history of the Egyptians. Through using time lines, sequencing artefacts and using dates related to the passing of time, the children will develop their chronology skills. Year 3 and 4 will use their comparisons of life in a historical period and now to identify reasons for changes and results of people’s actions. They will develop their historical enquiry by selecting and recording information relevant to their study, whilst asking and answering questions. Using a variety of ways, children will be encouraged to communicate and become historians.
Years 5 and 6During the second half of Autumn term Year 5 and 6 will be exploring the life and beliefs of the Vikings. During Summer term the children will be discovering the Ancient Greeks. They will be encouraged to place their current areas of study on time lines in relation to other studies. In addition to this they will use relevant dates and terms to sequence up to ten events to develop their chronology skills. Through research, children will find out about beliefs, behaviours and characteristics of people, recognising that not everyone shares the same views and feelings. Through comparing these beliefs with another period studied children will develop their range of depth and historical knowledge. By linking and recognising sources children will explore how conclusions were made following significant events, whilst always considering the accuracy of interpretations. Through the development of a range of historical skills children are becoming historians.

As well as looking at history and developing our history skills here at Trinity Road Primary School we also feel it is very important to make history.

We strive to respect the beliefs and actions of others throughout history.

We celebrate the achievements of significant events and people.

We belong to a world and a culture that learns from the past and aims for a better future.